Rituals and Classes

FAWS meets for ritual eight times per year, and offers classes throughout the year as well.


Our rituals are in-person and for coven members only, though exceptions may be made at the discretion of coven leadership.

Samhain: October 24, 2021
Yule: December 19, 2021


Our classes are held online and open to the public.

Online Workshop: Spirits of the Natural World, Devas, and the Fae

Taught by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

More Events From the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is the Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag’s Tradition. Please visit their upcoming events page.

About the New Alexandrian Library

Most of our events are donation-based, with donations going to the New Alexandrian Library (NAL). The NAL is a research and lending library created and supported by the ASW, located near Georgetown, DE, and dedicated to the preservation of books, periodicals, newsletters, music, media, art works, artifacts, photographs, and digital media focused on the metaphysical aspects of all religions and traditions. There is a special focus on the preservation of materials from the Pagan, Polytheist, and Western Mystery Traditions. Learn more about the New Alexandrian Library.